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marc cain floral print


Fall in love again with Florals!

Say good bye to dated, wilting garden flowers and hello to bold, beautiful and graphic prints...

We're all looking for outfits that bring us JOY at the moment. These fun and fabulous floral prints do just that. Here are some simple styling tips to work modern florals into your wardrobe...

To keep it simple, choose a colour way that is either going to compliment or easily work into your existing wardrobe. For example, if you have a bright and colourful wardrobe, choose prints that have the some colours and go for a bold, tonal look!If you're wardrobe is more muted and monotoned, than you can really branch out easily here! P.S. if you want to really play it safe, choose a print that has a black background so you can pair it back with your black trousers, jacket or blouse. 

Another brilliant approach to prints is to buy a few things from the same collection. This way, you will always have a perfectly co-ordinated ensemble. This doesn't mean you have to wear the exact print, but make sure the colours work together or the fabrication is similar etc. There should be some running theme, whether it's colour, fabric or print, that it congruent. 

Last but not least, Be Confident! If all else fails, stepping out with a big smile and confident attitude means more than anything. If you love it, so will they!

Marc Cain has some gorgeous prints! Click here to view! 


P.S. if you have some print pieces in your wardrobe that you need some help styling, please get in touch! We're here to help. 


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