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Our Trend Report for 2022

8 Top Fashion Trends & How To Wear Them

We won't lie - it took us longer than usual to get into our groove this year! But, 2022 is well and truly here and we're ready to make it our most stylish year ever. At The LBD Shop, we love staying on top of trends and cherry picking the best of them so you don't have to. We're going to say NO to low-rise micro mini skirts for you (you're welcome) and YES to monochromatic outfits and new season stripes! 

Here are our top trends for the new season and why we love them:



The concept of 'Athleisure Wear' has been taken to new heights this year. More than a trend, elevated active wear has become a wardrobe must-have for everyone! Needless to say, the pandemic has 'casualized' nearly everything. However, the opposite has happened for the old humble tracksuit. Sweatpants have been given a glow up, with bold colourful hues in luxe fabrics. Hoodies now have ballooned sleeves and metallic detailing. And don't even get us started on the Sneaker Revolution! 


An all-white outfit is one of the strongest trends in 2022. We've long been a fan of wearing head to toe white to get that effortlessly elegant vibe! This year, you can't go wrong with white and you get bonus points if you can incorporate a hint of lace, feathers or pearls! Try styling your white denim jeans with a simple white knit and sneakers for an easy weekend look, or turn heads in a white tailored dress with a tonal blazer! 


It truly doesn't matter if you're WFH, you're presenting at a board meeting or you're working on the ultimate project...YOU! Suiting is for everyone this year and it comes in all shapes and sizes. There's slouchy suiting for a laidback, modern edit (think 3/4 length sleeves, soft crepe fabrics and cuffed trousers). The statement suit is always in vogue, so look for a style that has accentuated detailing (maybe a strong shoulder, beaded embellishments or gold buttons)! 


This trend aligns perfectly with another fashion phenomena - Dopamine Dressing! It's time to bring out the colour wheel here and start spinning!  Whether you're in head to toe coral or colour blocking sapphire blue with a spicy paprika orange, this trend is all about bold colour choices, confidence and happiness! You can experiment with mixing strong colours together (no, navy and red doesn't count here, be a little braver please) or go for a monochromatic look. 


This is a romantic tale of where boy meets girl, but it's set in your wardrobe! Nail this seasonal style by stealing his tailored oversized jacket and unexpectedly styling it over a taffeta skirt. It's all about traditionally masculine tailoring meeting pretty, voluminous shapes. Try styling a pleated midi skirt (super on trend!) with a simple tee and tailored black blazer. Finish the look off with chunky sandals or sneakers for a fashion forward feel, or keep it more traditional with ballet flats. 


How exciting is it to finally be filling up the calendar! Whether you're off to the races, attending a beautiful wedding or celebrating a big birthday - it's time to get off the couch, get dressed and get dramatic. There is no such thing as being Over Dressed in 2022. Make the most of the moment and this years big trend of 'Dark Glamour' by going all out with over the top embellishments, sequins and sparkle! The brief here is to turn heads: so yes, buy the sequin jacket, wear it over the velvet gown and apply the red lipstick.  


Stripes are the 'neutral' equivalent when it comes to print. The right stripe can be worn with anything, anywhere, any day. The 2022 take on stripes seeing them taking all shapes and sizes! Shake up your stripes by introducing variations in colour, direction and size. So yes, whilst we all love a nautical inspired breton stripe tee, it's probably time to opt for a pinstripe pant instead! 


Size really does matter this year. The bigger, the better. It's all about the oversized look, from boyfriend blazers to slouchy, barrel leg jeans and voluminous sleeves. If you want to take this trend all the way, style them all together for a directional look! For a safer twist to the trend, simply opt for a blouse with balloon sleeve and tuck it into waisted trousers. A blazer with accentuated shoulders or a longer line silhouette will also do the trick! 


And that's a wrap!


What did you think of The LBD Shop's Trend Report for Women's Fashion in 2022? Leave a comment below - we love to read your thoughts, opinions and feedback! 
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