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pour les femmes sleepwear with robin wright wearing a blossom floral pj set

Sweet Dreams!

Let's talk Sleepwear! 

Ok, there comes a time in any woman's life where that baggy t-shirt you wear to bed that came from who knows where just won't cut it. When you reach that life-changing moment, the next question is: where to from here? Well, we've got the answers (and the PJs, for that matter)! 

Similar to lingerie, what we wear to bed is often overlooked, with all the attention going to our outerwear. Grave mistake, indeed... But the good news is the Fashion World is finally giving luxurious sleepwear the attention it deserves! Yah! 

We believe your foundation pieces - that perfect t-shirt bra, cotton seamless panties or a luxurious PJ set - are what makes or breaks your outfit (or your sleep). Finding the perfect fit in a high quality and expertly crafted garment will not only give you the right shape, you'll also feel glorious from the moment you slip into it. 

Ladies, it's time to indulge yourself...

Now, with our gorgeous Australian weather, the first thing to consider is the fabric of your sleepwear! Natural fibres like cotton, silk, linen and fine wool are the best way to go. Not only do they feel luxurious and have a superior finish, they let your skin breathe and can be worn throughout the year.

The next consideration is the style. Do you prefer a night gown, sleeves or no sleeves, buttons or a slip on construction? For a lot of our clients, they will opt for a different style depending on the season. Long sleeve button ups are the preference during Winter, with short sleeve PJs and sleeveless nighties being the most popular choice in Summer. Luckily for you, we do our best to stock all styles, all year round! 

Last, but certainly not least, is the colour way or print! We tend to gravitate towards small floral prints, soft pastels or a classic dark navy. These colours are at once feminine, timeless and are also flattering to the complexion (remember, we won't be wearing bronzer to bed)! Little details elevate your style, from a vintage inspire cotton lace trim around the neck of your nightie, to butterfly sleeves on your Summer PJ set...these small attentions to detail will ensure your look as glamorous as you feel! 

Ready to treat yourself ladies? Off you luxury sleepwear like Hanro of Switzerland and Pour Les Femmes from The LBD Shop today! 


P.S. our lovely little sets from Pour Les Femmes are sustainably produced by women in need, so you're doing something positive and supporting women in need with every purchase. They come with a gorgeous, matching lingerie bag, which is great for traveling, storing your favourite items or it makes a beautiful gift! 

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