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fabiana filippi italian style

The Italian Influence

Impeccable tailoring, luxurious fabrics & effortless style.  

Feel inspired and fall under the Italian influence...

Ahhh...La Dolce Vita! Remember when you could just jet off to Rome (or at least dream about the possibility) then you'd step out into a delicious world of pasta, amaro & fashion. 

There's something so intrinsically cool about the way in which Italian women dress. Never overdone, yet always undeniably chic. So, how do they do it? 

Firstly, they appreciate quality. The Italian woman knows that it is better to have a few key, investment pieces in her wardrobe rather than a rack of fast fashion. That's why her simple pairing of an oversized white shirt with tailored trousers & loafers looks so good...the sharp collar will be popped, the trousers a perfect fit and it's finished off with matching shoes and accessories. 

The other key styling note to steal is to do with knowing your strengths and how best to show them off. The Italian Bella Donna makes sure she knows what colours make her look vibrant and feel beautiful. Also, she will choose garments that flatter her silhouette and work together in her wardrobe so she always looks her best. 

Is it time to fall under the Italian Influence? I'd say, si ! 

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