The Experience


Shop in Luxury and Style

Walking up to the boutique, you notice the fashions in the window

You think.. I would look Great in that!

Buzz! – The door is buzzed open so you walk in.

The first thing you notice is the Lavishness of it all.

You’ve walked into the ultimate shopper’s Paradise,

with Luxurious Fitting rooms and Chandeliers in each room

A smiling staff member has sized you up and has already pulled 

A few items that you weren’t even looking at but-

They fit like a Glove and the Colors are all so flattering 

for your body shape, Hair and Skin tones!

They aren’t trying to sell you clothes,

They are trying to sell you their Service 

And THAT is what will have you coming back.


The Traditional Feel of a Fashion Salon

Plus professional service that’s second-to-none

Tell us what you’re looking for – we’ll give you the right advice and make sure you are 100% happy with your choice.

Enjoy finding clothes that you will look forward to wearing.

Join our database for the latest updates.  Let us get to know you.

We will make contact when a collection or brand comes into our store that we know will suit your taste, wardrobe and lifestyle.


Our philosophy

If your clothes fit beautifully, you will look good, feel great and be excited about getting dressed.

Your wardrobe should be as timeless and trustworthy as a little black dress.